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The goal of our products is to provide comprehensive ancestry results as well as make it possible for the customer to explore health results in consultation with appropriately qualified professionals if they desire to do so.


Y Elite 2.1 Sequencing $795

$795.00 USD

GenomeGuide 20x Whole Genome $850

$850.00 USD

Whole Genome Long Read

$2950.00 USD

Whole Genome Sequencing 30x $1250

$1250.00 USD

Whole Genome Sequencing 15x $700

$700.00 USD

Whole Genome Sequencing 10x

$610.00 USD

Interpretation of BAM files

$50.00 USD


$585.00 USD

Analysis of whole genome raw data for ancestry

$75.00 USD

WGS 7x

$440.00 USD

LR Chromium DNA kit

$100.00 USD

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Coverage refers to the number of reads that align with each particular base, i.e. one read equals 1x coverage and ...


Read length

Read length refers to the size, in bases, of the short sequences that are then assembled into the full genome ...



A haplogroup is a group of descendant individuals from a single founder who all share a common SNP mutation ...



A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism is a variation in DNA sequence between individuals involving a difference ...


"Private" SNPs

Private" SNPs on the Y chromosome correspond to relatively recent mutations that have not yet been observed ...



Short Tandem Repeats are a type of molecular marker consisting of short DNA letter repeats suchas ...


Y Elite 2.1 150bp+ read length
GenomeGuide: $700 (15x whole genome) Sale!
Payment Plans Available!
20x Whole Genome: now $850!
Project discounts available!


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